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The LEC offers an educational opportunity for students who are seeking an educational experience in a setting that differs from the structure of a traditional high school. Our primary objective is to provide students a safe and caring environment that encourages academic achievement, personal growth, and a sense of civic responsibility. At LEC students pursue a high school diploma in a truly innovative setting. Each student will have his/her own educational plan based on individual needs and graduation timeline.
A successful student must:
  • have a reading level of at least the 8th grade
  • have the minimum mathematical skills to be successful in pre-algebra
  • be able to work independently
  • have good time management skills
  • be motivated to maintain a teacher's set pace or faster
LEC students must maintain the minimum program requirements.  If a student fails to meet weekly academic goals or follow the program rules, the student is then choosing to put his/her placement in jeopardy and give his/her seat to the next person on the waiting list.

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