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Each student enrolled in the Linderman Education Center will have his/her own educational plan.  Students have three different options to earn credits: on-line classes, traditional classes, or a combination of the two. All courses are designed to have a 3-week, 6-week, or 18-week course deadline depending on the schedule and number of courses a student chooses to take.
The LEC has partnered with Montana Digital Academy for the on-line courses and utilizes the computer based curriculum, PLATO.  The computer lessons are coupled with teacher designed assignments, projects and seminars to provide an individualized educational experience for each student.  The courses are taken on campus.
The traditional courses have been designed for students to work independently; however, if  a student needs assistance, the instruction is delivered directly to that student.  The traditional courses have varying completion times depending on the student's course pathway for that class.
No matter the delivery method a student chooses, he or she will work individually and independently.  Student performance and progress is assessed weekly and course credit is granted upon satisfactory completion of all course objectives.
All personal educational plans have the student earning 3-3.5 credits per semester.
Linderman Education Center students are assigned an advisor and advisoryperiod which they will attend daily.  This provides students with an opportunity to review their educational plans, create a positive and safe school atmosphere, and build relationships within their community.