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Graduation Requirements

 Linderman offers two different diplomas, each issued by the students home high school-Flathead or Glacier. All students will work towards the Standard 22 credit diploma unless the General 20 credit diploma is needed due to life circumstances or credit deficiency.  The difference between the diplomas is the number of elective credits.  All core classes remain the same.
 The credit requirements for a Standard (22 Credit) Diploma:  
 English    4.0
 Social Studies   2.5 
 Science    2.0
 Math    3.0
 Health/PE    1.5           
 Fine Arts  1.0 
 Career Tech   1.0
 IT Essentials    .5
 21st Century    .5
 Electives    6.0
 Total Credits 22.0
The credit requirements for a General (20 Credit) Diploma:   
 English   4.0
 Social Studies  2.5 
 Science   2.0
Math   3.0
 Health/PE   1.5           
 Fine Arts  1.0 
 Career Tech   1.0
 Electives    5.0
 Total Credits 20.0